What's Happening?

For more than 40 years, resort development has been eating away at the Wasatch. Today, some of the area's best-loved backcountry areas are threatened by the proposed development of ONE Wasatch, a European-style mega-resort. Ski Utah, the force behind ONE Wasatch, wants to connect the Central Wasatch's existing resorts by building a new network of lifts, in the process destroying some of the most prized and pristine backcountry ski areas in the Wasatch.

So What?

The central Wasatch is a special place, providing a unique balance of world-class resort skiing and unbeatable backcountry access. We want to maintain that balance. From jagged peaks and hidden lakes to aspen groves and open cirques, many of the last remaining undeveloped wild areas will be ruined by the development of ONE Wasatch.

These wild areas are at the heart of what makes the Wasatch so special - losing them would be devastating to the backcountry community and the ecological health of the area. The new ski lifts, roads, and infrastructure will forever scar some of the Wasatch's most prized terrain, and some of the last remaining undeveloped backcountry areas will disappear.

What Can I Do?

We want backcountry users to take ownership of protecting their beloved mountains. That's why we've set up citizen's committees, each of which is dedicated to tackling an issue that's important to the success of Stopping the ONE Wasatch mega-resort and any future interconnect concepts. Each committee is led by a member of the Wasatch Backcountry Alliance board, and will be made up of volunteers who have particular skills, ideas, and expertise.

Essential Reading

Interconnect between the various ski resorts has been the subject of hundreds of articles, blogs and op-eds, the vast majority of them in opposition. Many are stored here, but if you can only read three:

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A balanced look at the current interconnect debate from the New York Times.

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A thorough explanation of what’s at stake from the Utah Adventure Journal.

The Case Against ONE Wasatch

Carl Fischer, head of Save Our Canyons, writes a thoughtful opposition to ONE Wasatch and interconnect in general.

About Us

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