Bonanza Flats

What’s Bonanza Flats?

Bonanza Flats is a spectacular piece of open land at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, tucked between Guardsman Pass, Peak 10,420, and the Park City ridgeline. It’s home to the Wasatch Crest Trail, Bloods and Lacawaxen Lakes, dog-friendly hiking, backcountry skiing, and spectacular foliage and wildlife. The parcel is also vital to proposed resort interconnect schemes.

Why We Love Bonanza Flats

Bonanza Flats Map | Wasatch Backcountry Alliance

What’s Happening?

Bonanza Flats has been privately owned for years, leaving the door open for development. Recently, however, as part of a $38 million dollar deal, Park City voters approved a $25 million bond to purchase Bonanza Flats and preserve it as open space. Summit County, Salt Lake County, and other entities have agreed to contribute a further $10 million.

More About the Bonanza Flats Deal

What Can I Do?

It’s pretty simple – to make sure Bonanza Flats remains open space, we need private donors to come up with an additional three million dollars. When we do that, we’ll ensure that one of the last developable parcels in the Wasatch will stay undeveloped for good.

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