Why Stop ONE Wasatch?

Why Stop ONE Wasatch?

We don’t want a mega-resort in the mountains we love; interconnecting the existing resorts will permanently damage the community, economy and environment of the Central Wasatch.

Interconnection proposals have had different names – first SkiLink, now ONE Wasatch – and each has promised to connect the resorts of the Central Wasatch by installing new lifts, trams or gondolas and the infrastructure needed to service them (access roads, electricity, water, avalanche control, etc.). While the details change, the outcome remains negative: interconnection would unalterably upset the Wasatch’s unique balance of world-class resorts and backcountry access.

The Central Wasatch have been threatened by development and resort expansion for decades, and we want to mobilize the backcountry community to protect the mountains we all love. Stopinterconnect.org will have the latest information regarding ONE Wasatch and any other interconnect schemes, and will serve as a hub to connect concerned citizens, help them stay informed, and communicate why ONE Wasatch is a bad idea.

Primary Issues with ONE Wasatch:

  • It takes terrain away from backcountry users
  • Threatens the Wasatch’s unique sense of place
  • Environmental impacts from construction and development
  • Negatively impacts watersheds and viewshed
  • Diminishes the quality of life that makes us love Utah
  • Hurts Utah’s fast-growing backcountry recreation economy
  • The Central Wasatch isn’t the Alps – it’s a small area, and every development has outsized impact
  • There is no proof ONE Wasatch will increase visitation.
  • ONE Wasatch is designed to benefit tourists
  • Interconnection is unlikely to provide real economic benefits for locals

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